Welcome to my home page !

o Encryption Processing on 8 bit Microcontrollers
Project on Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and it's implementation on MCS-51 microcontrolers.

o Power Line Modem Project
This was a Project who had as a main goal, the creation and development of a modem that worked on the electric mains. It contains some information about domotic, X10 protocol and some ICs prepared to the comunication on this field.

o Three-phase Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) on 8031
Report of an implementation of a Pulse Width Modulation scheme using an 8031 microcontroller. Not very usefull in practice due to low fundamental frequency, but contains many theory of what is behind the scenes.

o Real Time Systems
Report of a study about Real Time Systems and analysis of protocols suitable for propagation of real time data on the internet.

o Efficient Consumer Response
Report of a study about Efficient Consumer Response, Supply Chain Management and eCommerce in general.

o Cache Memory Simulation
Simulation of a cache memory, split, 2 way set associative with lru

o The final word on the 8051
General Information, electronic book and some links about the 8051 family of microcontrollers

o The picoJava architecture
This is a small document (2 pages) about the picoJava architecture

o Linux
The Linux Operating System

o A tiny Linux Compatibility List
In my computer, what is (and isn't) supported on Linux. Information/links on some hardware

o JavaScript Tutorial
An excellent javascript tutorial stolen from Web Dev - Virtual Library, made by Aaron Weiss

o Good places to visit
A collection of links that I normally visit

o About Me ...
About me. Who am I and what I do.